Rohtang Tunnel

Proposed in 1983 and launched in 2010, this 8.8 km tunnel is deemed the country’s longest. In  oct 13, 2017 saw the lights of both ends meet. Starting from Dhundi in Kullu district and ending at Gufa Hotel, near Sissu, in Lahaul-Spitti district, the tunnel is almost on the brink of break through after the delay of three years.  Tunnel is scheduled to be made operational by  2019. The project is likely to boost tourism in the region by providing round-the-year connectivity to the picturesque Lahaul valley, which remains inaccessible for six months every year due to heavy snowfall. The estimated cost of the project in 2010 was Rs 1,700 crore and in  2015 was revised to Rs 2,000 crore. On  completion by 2019 the cost is likely to cross  Rs 4,030 crore. The project was to be originally completed in February 2015 but water ingress from Seri Nallah, ban on rock mining, water leakage, and delay in allotment of land needed for quarrying led to the delays.
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Rohtang Tunnel
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